Face the monster

scary_mirror_motions_by_laurazalenga-d3dvrejOnce Krishna and Balarama were walking in the forest and it was late in the night so they decided to take some rest. As it was a dangerous forest, they decided to keep watch in turns. Krishna went o seep and Balarama started keeping guard. Suddenly from nowhere a monster came and screamed at Balarama, Hearing the scream of the monster, Balarama got terrified and the monster grew in size. The monster screamed again, Balarama trembled and the monster grew double in size again. The monster screamed again and terrified by the sound, Balarama shouted Krishna and fell unconscious.

Krishna woke up and assuming Balarama to be sleep, Krishna started walking too and for. The monster now came before Krishna and screamed. Krishna hearing to the scream asked the monster without any fear “What do you want?” and the monster shrunk in size. The monster screamed again and Krishna again asked “What do you want?” and the monster shrunk in size again. One last time, the monster screamed at Krishna again and Krishna with a smile in his face asked ” What is that you want now?” and the monster shrunk to just 2 inches tall. Krishna picked up the monster and tied it to his dhoti and went to sleep.

Next day morning, Balaram told Krishna about the monster he encounter and how terrifying the whole incident it was. Krishna hearing to this untied the tiny monster and showed it to Balarama and asked” is this the monster you saw last night?” and Balarama was amazed and said ” Yes, but it was so big and now how come it so small.” Krishna told that every time he asked “what it wants?” the monster shrunk in size.

Most of the times, we act like Balarama and terrified whenever we face a problem and the problem keeps growing bigger than us like the monster. We keep avoiding it and worry about it but not face it and it keep growing bigger and bigger taking control of us instead of us taking control of the problem. If only we smile at the problem and ask “How do we resolve it?” instead of worrying about it, we will have more peace of mind and quicker answers. There is a beautiful saying ” If you can solve the problem, then what is the need of worrying. And if you cannot solve it then what is the use of worrying.”

Let’s be like Krishna and face things which needs to be faced and take control of life.


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