The best in you

talent_by_samlim-d5nbcsgThere was a great civil engineer who used to work for a well known architect. The architect is known for building beautiful building and this civil engineer is the one who always gets the contract and the engineer used to build complicated designs with ease. The engineer was getting old and wanted to retire early in his life so he goes to the architect  to inform that he can no more work for him. The architect hearing to this said, for our friendship sake take up this last contract to build a beautiful house. The engineer reluctantly takes it up however his heart is not on the work so he uses cheap materials, does not do quality check, his inspection on the structure is lousy. After all this is last contract and post which he is going to retire and nobody is going to question him. He finished the house and informs the architect. The architect calls the engineer and gives the keys to the house that has been just built and says” This is for you as a mark of our friendship. I wanted to gift you a beautiful house and I don;t know any other master builder than you” At that moment, every mistake he did in the building of that house, cheap materials he used and how weak the structure of the house is, all that he did ran in the mind of th engineer. He felt bad for such a lousy job he did on his last contract and that has come back to him.

Always give the best in you in anything and everything you do. It doesn’t matter whether it is a big job or a small job. It doesn’t matter whether you are going to build a skyscraper or just going to brush your teeth…just give your best. You need to do that not to satisfy others but for you to be satisfied. There is so much potential inside you than you can imagine and we hardly use any of it. If you just give your work to the fullest of your potential, most of the time you will amaze yourself. Give the best when you do a report at work, give your best when you talk to your kids and loved ones, give your best when you drive your car, give your best when you give a presentation, give your best when you write your blogs. Give the best in your even when you drink a cup of coffee. Give it your fullest, taste every sip and enjoy. Doesn’t matter whether you are having a good day or bad day, if you do something, it should have your best.You need to give your best to do better than what you did yesterday. You need to compete with yourself. The benchmark of what you can do is nothing but “what best you can do?”. The question is not “what have you done?”, the question is “Is it the best you can do?”

Always give your best and you will receive the best. Life is like Newton’s law” for every reaction there is an equivalent and opposite reaction.”. If you give your best in everything you will receive the best in benefits.” So keep giving your best.


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