Blow your trumpet

blow_your_horn_by_hellohaleyhello-d5ebefzYou need to blow your trumpet, it might look like a weird advice. In fact, you might even feel it is a wrong advice. This is because throughout your life you have been told again and again that it is wrong to talk about your work yourself. You have been conditioned to think that you will be considered as selfish if you boast about yourself. But the good old times are over where work was recognized without being highlighted. In today’s world, you need to blow your trumpet otherwise somebody else will blow the trumpet for you but with the wrong music. Today’s world is a world of perception and perceptions are not formed by who you are or what you do but by what others think and talk about you. Social presence is very important cause most of the information about you is discussed over face book and twitter whether you like it or not. So it has become important to showcase your presence to gain the right attention. These days even god has to blow his trumpet by displaying few miracles in the public so that it can be video tapped and posted in face book and twitter. God’s reputation is not measured by faith but with the number of likes in the face book page of the god.

You no more can sit in silence and assume people to know about you. You have to raise your hand to get the required attention. Even though your boss works closely with you, you still need to send him/her a monthly dashboard stating your achievement. It is not just in work but also at home, for example, if you have cleaned the house when your wife has gone out, you still need to state that you have done the cleaning otherwise all she thinks is that you have been sitting in the couch and watching TV. If you don’t highlight what you have done in a project you have been driving to your director, somebody else is waiting to jump and showcase it and the director is going to assume that it is the other person who has done it. Let’s understand that you are not trying to take away somebody else credit, you are blowing your trumpet only to get enough attention and get the credit for the work you have done and where you honestly deserve the credit. I don’t think it is wrong to boast about yourself if you deserve it.

So my advice to you is that if you have done a good job, just blow your trumpet. Blow it at the right time and in the right place to the right person. Keep raising your hand in the crowd and you will be noticed.


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