Getting organized is easy

moleskine_ii__by_extrasist0leGetting organized is simple. Many think it is complicated and I was one of them until I started to follow a simple rule.┬áThe only difficult part about it is that it requires a lot of self-discipline. Unfortunately we have made our lives, a life of confusion. We have total confused our system by not being organized. We do wrong things at wrong time in wrong place. We watch TV in the bedroom instead of sleeping. We use dinning table as storage unit and use sofa in the living room for eating. We use treadmill to dry clothes instead of exercising and cupboard to dump things. We use TV stand to keep medicine and medicine box to store pins. We have been misusing places and time so much that we are completely lost now. When we go to bedroom, we don’t get sleep because our body thinks we should watch TV. We have conditioned our minds to think that Bedroom is to watch TV and not sleep. We don’t feel hunger when we sit at the dinning table anymore because our system thinks that only sofa is the place to sit and eat. Nothing is in the place it should be and nothing is done when it needs to be done. We search for our socks, we search for our keys, we miss doctors appointment, we go late to office…on and on…on…

My┬ásimple rule to get organized is…”Everything has a place and is in its place. Everything has a time and it is in that time.” Make sure you have allocated place for everything, for your shoes, to laptop, to remote control, to your car keys etc and make sure you keep things in the assigned place. Similarly, allocate time for everything and make sure that it is done in the allocated time. There is a time to sleep, time to read, time for walk, time for TV, time for friends etc. Ensure that it is done in that time. If 9 pm you will have dinner, then come what may, just have your dinner at 9 Pm. If you have allocated time for walk at 6 Am, get your fat ass off the bed at 6 Am and go for a walk. No excuses. if you follow the principle, then you would not have to search for a thing again or run out of time for anything.

Next time you pick up something, just think, if it has a place assigned and whether it is in the place it belongs. Similarly, when you are about to do something, think if you are doing the activity is the assigned time or not. Always remember the principle, “Everything has a place and is in its place. Everything has a time and it is in the time.”


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