Bad in one and Good in three

_moments_of_life__by_aksdareflectionHave you ever wondered why everything goes wrong in your life and have you ever thought, what have you done to have such difficult and miserable life. I know the reason. It is because, we have fooled our mind to make it believe that we like having bad days and bad things and a bad life. Whether we agree or not, we all love to talk a lot about negative aspects of our life than positive things. If we have a headache, we tell the whole world how bad the headache is and how it has spoiled the whole day and how nobody cared about you having headache. But if we are healthy, we don’t tell that to anybody. Being healthy is taken for granted and being unhealthy, we seek attention. And our mind starts to believe that we like talking about headache and it gets us more headache. The mind does not know the difference between good and bad, it only knows what we like and what we don’t like based on what we talk about. And it wants to keep us happy and it starts to think that we getting headache makes us happy. We have problem at home, we tell everybody we know on how unhappy we are and how our loved one don’t love us. But hardly, do we tell our friends how great a family we have and how nice our loved ones are. Harmony in the family is taken for granted and troubles in the family in discussed in detail. We have fooled our mind to think that we like having troubles in the family. If you ponder, you will understand that we do the same thing in every aspect of our life.

We talk too much about negative and very less about positive. We don’t celebrate good things that happens in our life. If only we celebrate more, we can fool our minds to think that celebrating makes us happy and it will make sure to get us more things to celebrate on. You reduce your weight by one kg, go out and celebrate it and tell everybody about it. Let your mind know you like celebrating. So, we need to speak less about negative and start speaking more about positive. Let me make it easier for you with this simple rule: “If anything bad happens to you, don’t speak about it in more than one sentence about it. If anything good happens to you, speak about it in at least three sentences”. If you have fever, tell others ” you are going to get better” that’s it. And if you reduce your weight, tell the whole world how you reduced it and what exercise you did to reduce it and how you maintained diet even though it was difficult and how happy you are.. Bad things in one sentence…good things in at least three sentences. If your boss shouts at your work, tell others,” you will get better.” And if your boss appreciates your work, tell the whole world, how you felt good about it and how you achieved it and how happy your boss was. Bad in one and good in three. If your kid does something wrong, tell others “He/she will correct it”. And if your kid does something good, tell your friends, how proud you are and how nice the kid is and how much you love the kid. Bad in one and good in three.

Life is easy, if we make it easy. Fool your mind for good. Remember the simple rule: “Bad in one and Good in three”.


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