We have become beggars

begger_by_praveenchettriWe all have become beggars. You might be taken aback by this statement and you might even think it is rude but that is the hard reality: Yes, we all have become beggars. We beg for attention and acknowledgment in every damn activity we do. We have become so much addicted to begging that we have placed our happiness on the hands of others attention. More attention, we feel happy. Less attention, we feel frustrated. I realized this when I posted a blog after a long time and was checking my blog stats again and again to see how many people have visited and read it. Then it hit me that I started the blog in the first place for me and only then for others. It was contradicting that if I started it for me then why would I feel happy or sad based on the stats. That is when I realized that, while it started as an expression of my thoughts, it is turning into attention seeking number game.

I am sure everybody will relate to this “begging for attention” in one way or the other. You put posts in face book and check for the number of likes. You had put the post in the first place because you liked it and wanted to share and not because you wanted to get likes. More likes in a post does not mean that you have more friends who likes you however more the likes you get, it makes you feel happy. Slowly it changes from putting posts you like to putting post which will get you ‘likes’. You send a report to your boss and feel bad if you don’t get a “good job”acknowledgment from him. You sent it because it made sense for the business and not to make him happy. You cook something new and expect an acknowledgment from your family members. If you don’t get that recognition, you feel unhappy. We have stopped doing things we like and started to do things because we want others to like it and in the process of gaining attention and making others happy, we have lost ourselves. We have compromised on our beliefs, likes and changed ourselves to the liking of others. You feel unhappy and have a sense of “something is missing in life” because, what you are today is not who you are but what others wanted you to be.

Let’s not beg for attention and let’s just do things because we like doing it. Let’s not do things we don’t like because others like it. In short “be yourself”. There is a great thrill and happiness in doing things without expectations. If you get the attention and acknowledgment, it is just a bonus. If you do things you love without expecting attention, you will get the attention it deserves. Love without expecting back love. Give without expecting in return. Blog to express and not to impress. Post to share and not for “likes”. Cook to provide a tasty meal to your loved ones and not for an acknowledgment. Do things in office to add value and not for a recognition. Talk what you feel in your heart and not based on the face expression on others. Attention and recognition you get from yourself is more important than what you get from others.


2 thoughts on “We have become beggars

  1. So true. And so sad. Things have turned against ourselves. This “Like” mentality just shows our neediness, our urgent and burning need of being loved.
    But: If it’s just for us – you say “I have started the blog in the first place for me” – why go in public? Why blog? Why do we want to share our thoughts so badly? Why not just a diary?

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