It’s scary…but meaningful

joy_of_being_a_human_by_praveenchettri-d2sbi4zI am mathematical and logical by nature. I love numbers because they tell me stories. Stories that help me make better decisions in life, stories that tells me how stupid I have been, stories that tell me that I need to change. I was thinking about my life as I wanted to add more meaning to my life. I have this desire to make a difference to this world and contribute my part to the betterment of people around me. I took the logical approach to know how much time I am left with to do what I wanted to do and I did few calculation on my life (comes naturally being a maths graduate and love of numbers). And this calculation scared my ass off but later made me think. You can do the same and I will guarantee that it will scare your ass off too but will also make you think. Here you go…. and I hope you can follow through…

I am 37 years young man (I tell my age as 34 to others ;P) and average life span of a typical Indian is 70 years, this means I have 33 years left with me before I die rather I am expected to die as per the studies (I don’t have plans to die at 70, for me 100 sounds good). In other words, I have 12045 days to live. Studies tell that 8 hours of sleep is expected and this means 1/3rd of the lifetime is spent sleeping. So, I will be spending 4015 days sleeping (for people who are not so good with numbers, the calculation is 12045/3). Unfortunately, I have to work for a living and I work on an average 8 hrs a day so another 1/3rd of life time is spent at work. This makes me lose another 4015 days doing work for others. These days traffic is heavy and workplace are all located far off hence I usually spend about 2hrs everyday traveling. here goes another 1003 days spent traveling. Daily chores takes approximately 3 hrs everyday and that makes me lose another 1505 days. There is always something or other in which I spend time, like movies, watching TV, guests at home, etc…about 1 hr everyday and it take about 501 days off my life. After deducting all the time on sleep, work, daily chores, traveling and other activities out of the 12045 days I have left with me before I die, I will be left with only 1006 days to do things i want to do and to create a meaning to my life. In short, out of 33 years left, I have only 2.7 years left for myself.

In this 1006 days, I have to do all the things I like, I need to create a legacy for me. I need to make my life meaningful to others. I have only 1006 days left to smile, relate with others, help others, to shower love on my family and friends. That is scary. No wonder, Disraeli said “Life is too short to be little”. Life is too short yet we think we have all the time in life and we keep postponed things we want to do to another day. Life is short to hate others. Life is too short to get angry over silly things. Life is too short to pamper our egos. Let’s understand that we have very little time left and let’s get as many hugs as possible from our loved ones, make as many people as possible to smile, does not matter if they have to be strangers. Let’s do something meaningful in life with the time left so that we are remembered even after we die. Even it is as simple as planting a tree. Let’s make sure we spend quality time with our kids and loved ones. I am sure, if you have one minute left to die, I would love see the face of my wife and not the TV. Let’s forgive people who have hurt us and mend the relationship, after all we little time left (I have only 1006 days). Let’s learn what we want to learn, do what we want to do and be who we wanted to be. We have very little time to think “what others would think about us” hence if you want to be act goofy, please do so. Paint, enjoy music, dance with your partner, kiss your kids and just enjoy life as much as you can for “Life is too short to be little”.


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