The rule of Three

the_number_three_by_storiesinlightA simple and easy formula to achieve all your goals. I am going to give this straight to you without any stories or context setting because it is very simple and straight forward formula. Here you go…”Do three things everyday that will move you closer to your goal”. Not too many things but just three things everyday. Say for example, you want to reduce your weight, you have to do just three things a day that would help you move towards your goal of reducing weight, it could be 10 sit ups, a small walk and 10 crunches….that’s it. Doing just three everyday to keep your body fit will help more than you going and slogging in the gym for one hour a day in a week. Similarly, do you want to write a book…simple, read somethings relevant, write few lines,collect reference materials. You want to make your parents smile,simple….the rule of three again and do just three things…get them flowers, spend quality time for few mins, hug them. Just three things. It shouldn’t be that hard.

Sustained effort to do just three things everyday will lead you to reach your goal much faster and effectively than just sitting and thinking and planning about it and doing something once in a while. Just three things a day, if you want to improve your guitar skills. Just three things, if you want to build a stronger relationship with your kids. just three things, if you want to increase your confidence. Just three things to overcome your fears. Anything you want to do or achieve, with just three steps at a time and you will achieve it. You can eventually reach your destination by walking just three steps everyday. Remember the ‘Rule of three’ and win your life.


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