I’d rather be happy than have you

32808882f4212c94612de9701901c0dc-d3691r8Just imagine for a moment, your loved one saying to you in an argument, “I’d rather be happy than have you. If I had a choice, no questions about it, I’d choose happiness.”
How would you feel? Did you feel that your loved one is being selfish? Wouldn’t you feel like responding to your loved one, “How could you be so selfish that you’d choose happiness over me?” Can you see how we have been brainwashed into thinking? Just think again deep and tell me who is being selfish here. How could you be so selfish that you would demand your loved one to choose you above his or her own happiness?” Can you see the way we are conditioned to think?

We have been brainwashed to such an extent that people are ready to take ideas which aren’t theirs and are ready to die for it. Terrorists and so-called saints are a good example for this. They have swallowed an idea which isn’t theirs and are ready to die for it. The best way to understand whether you’ve been brainwashed with ideas and beliefs is when they are attacked, you feel stunned and react emotionally. You know it is the truth but can’t accept it.

We never try to understand the reasons and reality behind anything, we are just blind to take anything and everything. It is the same way with our beliefs about god, our beliefs about religion, our beliefs about fear, our belief about others. Always understand what you always believed need not be true and sometimes you might be wrong and need to change. Have the courage to accept the truth and the knowledge to understand the conditioning.We need to have the clarity of thoughts to break the conditioning and that clarity comes only by being aware of what we do and say. We are always quick to react and we never respond. A reaction is emotional and to respond is logical. Next time on…don’t react…think and respond.


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