Must-do List: How to improve your productivity by 10X

to-do-listI want to start today’s inspiration by clearing off a misconception many have. People think that they are productive if they are busy doing more activities and tasks.  So, every morning, they have their to-do list for the day and fill it up will all kind of tasks, only to find out that at the end of the day, they have completed only just half of what they wrote down and more importantly, they have totally lost track of themselves in the huge pile of meaningless activities and have missed completing the single most important and more impactful task of the day which could have made a significant difference to their work. Do you relate to it? Just remember, Productivity is not about doing more, it is about creating more impact with less.  I strongly believe that ‘to-do’ list is not good enough for today’s competitive world. Because they are overwhelming with too many activities and focuses too much on quantity rather than value. If you actually study millionaires and billionaires and geniuses and highly productive people, they never ever mention the use to-do list for their success. They didn’t fill their day will lot of things but with very few things that would make a difference and I think we need to do the same.
So, my recommendations are throw away your to-do list and start using an ‘MUST-Do‘ List. What is the difference, huge….first is physiological to-do list is more of an intention, on the other hand, the must-do list is a compulsion. So, to-do list kind of signals your brain that you have a good intention to do all the task listed on the other hand, must-do list tells the brain that you have to complete it…no other choice…Period. Second thing is that unlike your ‘to-do list’, your ‘Must do’ list will have only two to three tasks that need to get completed that day. You are not going home until you finish those must do activities  Remember, It is a must do…no choice. The idea behind the must-do list is to make you focus on the critical few that would create the maximum impact on your work. I understand there may be many other tasks to complete but the idea is to get the most critical ones completed first and if time permits work on others. This way, you won’t miss the most important work of the day. Start by doing the necessary, then do what is possible and then suddenly you will find yourself doing the impossible. Mostly the two or three things you list down in your Must do list is usually tasks that are aligned to your goals. And that is why must-do list will not only improve your productivity but also make you make progress in your career by delivering results and save you from the maze of daily mundane activities. Remember, you are only as valuable as the value you produce. You can only produce value, only when you focus on your goals and deliver results and not by just by looking busy.
Alright, enough said…so…starting today…forget your to-do list and start your Must-do list and you will see yourself delivering at least 10X productivity and making yourself more valuable.
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