The way you are working is wrong

cvy6flsxyaeiswvNow, what would your reaction be if I say that “the way we are working is wrong”. The reason we have so much stress and we feel so much exhausted and we have so much trouble with work-life balance and get so little done is because the way we work is wrong. Let me break a Myth that we can produce more value by working long hours, which is to true. In reality, we actually produce less by working continuous long hours. Why is that? Simple, we are not computers or machines which are configured to work in constant speed with no distractions and in a specific way for long hours, we are just simple human beings and our energy levels is not constant and it is going up and down throughout the day based on physical, mental and emotional situations. Unfortunately, We have mapped our tasks to time and not energy hence we think that bu putting longer hours should yield us more work done. So, either we work continuously for long hours losing focus or jump from task to task in uneven time patterns without sustained focus. Our aim became completion of the tasks rather than the effectiveness of the tasks we have completed.
The right way to work:
Stop managing your time and start managing your energy. Start to work in a 90 mins sprint and 30 mins recovery time pattern. In other words, Work continuously focused and without distraction on a particular task for 90 mins and then take 30 mins break and again come back to do another 90 mins sprint. This 90-30 pattern will not only help you get things done faster but also help deliver maximum results on effectiveness   Why 90-30? It is not a random number picked out of thin air but based on solid research. Tony Schwartz, CEO of Energy project conducted a research on energy patterns using the ultradian rhythm concepts and concluded that the Maximum time to which a human being can sustain focus is 90 mins and then would require 30 mins recovery time to renew the energy. A 90 mins burst of energy and then 30 mins relaxation time. If you are interested academically, then you can check out his white paper through google and is available for free too on his website Peter Drucker, the greatest management guru of all time, talks about the short sprint of activity and recovery pattern in his book Effective executive. From ancient times, Chanakya, the greatest kingmaker of all times, in his book Arthasastra gives a list of daily routine a king has to follow to be effective and if you study it, you will find that each activity is scheduled for 90 mins. So, the power of focused 90 mins is not random but a proven fact that it delivers greater results compared the traditional method of uneven scheduling of activities based on time.
In a typical 8hr work day, if you follow 90-30 pattern, you will get a solid four 90 mins sprint which 75% of your work time for focused and effective working. A study by said that an employee is productive only an average of 3 hrs in a typical 8 hrs workday. Considering this,  the 90-30 rule will put you way above the average productive workforce making you more valuable to your organization and guess what it will also help you have a better work-life balance and help get you get better and quality sleep at night. So, starting today, apply the 90-30 rule and go out and make a difference to the world.
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