Control What You Can Control – One Minute Inspiration Ep:3

Control What you can Control -1Every outcome you experience in our life Success or failure, good or bad, Health or illness, happy or sad, is a result of how we choose to respond to events that happen to us. If you don’t like the outcome you are currently getting in your life, then you need to change the way you respond to the events that happen to you in your life. Let me give you a simple formula:  “E+R=O”. E is nothing but the event that is “what happens to us”, R is your response to the event that happened to you and O is the outcome which is the consequence of the event and your response to the event.
Say, your baby falls down while trying to walk, there are two outcomes you can get, bay will start to cry or laugh. If you want the baby to cry, just give a shocking expression as a response to the event and baby will cry instread change your response to clapping and smilling and jumping, the baby will start to laugh and clap as well.Respinse is the only thing you can control, so control what you can control.
Stephen Spielberg, greatest director of all time, Gave us ET, Jurassic park, and Schindlers list, got rejected from one of the best film making school USC, if he had responded with frustration that he didn;t get though and though he has not made for film making and left to pursue a day time job, we would not have got director Spielberg instead he chose to pursue his dream of filmmaking, he self-taught himself and worked as assistant learning the skill and today we have the director Spielberg as an outcome of the response he gave to the event that happened to him.
It is not the direction of the wind that determines the destination, it is the set of the sail that determines where you are going to arrive. take control of what you can control. Cheers!
For the Video version of this blog click Control What You Can Control – One Minute Inspiration Ep:3

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