Get Started – One Minute Inspiration Ep:1

Get Started - FinalThe message I want to share with you today is “GET STARTED”. Doesn’t really matter if your plan is not perfect or you don;t have all the information you need, but just get started and all the structure and everything you need to achieve your goal will automatically fall in place. The problem many of us have today is that we keep planning, keep collecting information and keep thinking bout the things we want to do and achieve but we never get started. Please understand that the book you want to write won’t write by itself, the weight you want to lose will not lose by itself but only you getting up and getting started and actually doing it would. You can read 100s of articles on diet and workouts  but you will not lose even a gram, if you don’t get started and do those workouts you have been reading and collecting.  Remember,

Remember, “Ideas get rewarded but execution is worshiped” so get started and as mark twain says, ” the secret to getting ahead is getting started”.  So go…get started. See you next time, until then stay motivated,  stay focused and be inspired. Cheers!

For the Video version of this Blog Get Started l One Minute Inspiration Ep:1



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