Kill your distractions with your Passion – One Minute Inspiration Ep:2

Kill YOur Distraction with Passion - PicAlright, in the last episode I spoke about “Getting started” and one of the followers told me that it is not just about planning and information that is required for getting started, it is a lot of times about distractions that stops. Let me tell you this, distractions are there all the time and are going to be there all the time. You get distracted because you don’t have a purpose stronger than your distraction. You get distracted with TV, you get distracted with Smoking, You get distracted with Drinking, you get distracted with video games, you get distracted with social media feeds. They don’t change but you change. For many of you, playing the video game is more important than working on your goal. You don’t want to achieve your goals and dreams, you just wish you achieve it. when you want is stronger, when you are passionate about your goal when you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe… then there is no distraction. You won’t need an alarm clock to wake up in the morning, your passion will wake you up.

Create a stronger purpose, create a stronger goal and kill your distractions with your passion. Cheers!

For the Video version of this blog click Kill Your Distractions With Your Passion – One Minute Inspiration Ep:2


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