Time for change – One Minute Inspiration Ep:8

There was this scientist who was seriously working in his lab and his 5 yr old son kept calling the scientist to come and play. But the scientist wanted to continue working and was thinking of a way to keep his son engaged till the time he can complete all his work. Scientist saw a newspaper with a world map, he took, tore into multiple pieces and gave it to his son and said to his son that as soon as he fixes the torn world in the right way, he will come and play with him. He thought it would take hours for the kid to fix the world puzzle and to the surprise of the scientist in about 5 mins the kid had got the world rightly placed. When the scientist asked his son, on how we got it right so quickly, his son said, “when you were tearing the paper, I saw that it had a face of a man on its back. So, I fixed the man behind the world and the world got fixed automatically”. So, friends, if you get the man right, you will get the world right. If you get yourself right, your world becomes right. if you change, your world will automatically change, If you are negative and frustrated, the world will look the same and if you are positive and energetics and happy, your world will look happier too.
If your world is not the way it should be or you expect to be then its time to change.  Don’t change out of desperation but change out of inspiration. Don’t wait for things to happen to you before you can make the change. Make the change so that things can happen to you. Don’t wait for Diabetics to happen to you before you could change your eating lifestyle. Don’t wait for cancer to happen to you before you could quit smoking. Don;t wait for the divorce to happen to you before you could spend time with your wife. Don’t change out of desperation, change out of inspiration and inspiration can happen anytime, A song can inspire you, A movie scene could inspire you, a book can inspire you, an instance from somebody else life could inspire you. Change is inevitable and my only recommendation to be in a position to change due to inspiration and not out of desperation. Change your life in the right way so that your world can be in the right way. Decide to change today, right here and right now and make the rest of your life, the best of your life.
Time for Change

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