Simple formula of Success l One Minute Inspiration Ep:9

I have been searching for the simplest formula for success and failure and I have got it. That is what I am going to share with you today.
The simplest formula for success and failure is given by Jim Rohn. He says failure is nothing but ‘few errors in judgment repeated every day’. What is error is judgment  if you chose to play video game instead of preparing for your exams, that’s error in judgment  If you chose to eat junk food instead of fruits, that’s error in judgement. so if you keep repeating, the errors in judgment over a period of time, it will lead to failure. Then, what is the formula for success? It is the exact opposite, it is the “few simple disciplines practiced every day’. Going for a walk every day will keep your body fit. Doing meditation for few minutes every day will keep your mind fit. Do you want to succeed in life? It is simple, just replace your errors in judgment with simple disciplines and you will become successful. Remember, like success, failure does not happen overnight, I mean, you didn’t gain weight overnight, you didn’t fail in your exams overnight, it’s the error in judgment you repeated every single day that led you to failure. So, here is a call for action, list down, all your errors in judgement you are currently making in your physical health, Errors in judgment you are making in your relationships  errors in judgment you are making in your work-life and errors in judgement you making with regards to your finance and replace them with simple disciplines that you can practice every day. Replace drinking carbonated drinks with eating an apple, replace office gossips with being productive and replace watching tv with reading books. Replace your error of judgment with simple disciplines you can practice every day so that the rest of your life could be the best of your life.
Success and Failure

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